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Welcome to London Allergy Care and Knowledge

We provide a range of clinical services for infants, children and adults with allergic disorders. We see children from a few months of age with troublesome eczema and this problem has become a common disorder. Although we do not know why eczema has become more prevalent we do know that eczema leads to food allergies which in turn lead to hay fever and subsequently asthma in later childhood and adolescence. This progression is known as the allergic march. Unfortunately, symptoms do not necessarily disappear along the way only to be replaced by new symptoms but often persist into adulthood. We thus often see in our practice teenagers and adults who continue to suffer for many years from eczema, severe hay fever, multiple food allergies and asthma. It is essential that all of these conditions are taken into account in managing you and your child optimally and improving clinical outcomes and quality of life.

Allergy now is more exciting than ever as a speciality. We have shown for the first time that we can truly prevent allergic disease as in the LEAP study ( and this is now being looked further into in other studies. New treatments for allergic diseases are no longer just wishful thinking but are rapidly moving into allergic practice. For example, it has long been known that a person allergic to a particular substance (e.g. grass pollen) can be desensitised successfully by increasing exposure to the pollens using specific immunotherapy. The products have become more standardised, effective and safer than ever using sublingual immunotherapy. Furthermore, there is an increasing body of evidence and research showing that early allergy treatment of hay fever, for example, may prevent the development of new allergies and asthma.

The philosophy of this practice is to provide holistic care for you and your child taking the latest research developments and making these available to our patients to treat their existing symptoms but always with an eye to preventing future symptoms. If appropriate you or your child will be offered the opportunity to participate in a number of clinical studies. Ultimately however our purpose is to diagnose and manage your allergies in a patient centred and friendly environment.

Finally, many people think that allergy is about identifying and avoiding allergic substances. One of the most satisfying aspects of my practice is being able to inform a parent that their child is not allergic to foods and being able to reintroduce a wide range of foods into the child’s diet. Very frequently we will see patients presenting with a variety of symptoms that appear to be due to allergy but are due to some other cause and in such circumstances we will help find out what those causes are.

We would very much like to see you in our practice. We are able to perform medical consultations in English, Hebrew, Spanish and French.

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