Make an Appointment

Ten Tips for Easy Outpatient Visits

  • Make sure you know the location of the Portland Hospital before you leave home. Ask anyone at the reception for help once you arrive at the Hospital.
  • No antihistamines should be taken ideally for at least 5 days prior to the appointment. Please refer to the antihistamine avoidance list for more information.
  • Remember to bring the referral letter from your GP/specialist and your insurance policy details and claims reference.
  • Be prepared to update any information: change of phone numbers, address or email; GP name, address and phone number, and insurance police details and claims reference.
  • Write down a list of questions and include a description of you/your child’s symptoms.
  • Bring all medications that you / your child will need that day, as well as a list of medications you/your child uses. Please bring information about dosages, and duration of the treatment. Also please bring all asthma spacer devices that you or your child are using.
  • We try and keep waiting time to a minimum but inevitably there may be occasions when you have to wait. Prepare for a history and thorough physical examination, allergy skin tests or breathing tests, discussion of your child’s diagnosis, an outline of the treatment strategy and some educational materials. Bring along your child’s favourite toys, books or schoolwork. For babies and toddlers remember to bring along extra nappies and formula.
  • Bringing food for your child. Patients seen in Professor Lack’s office often have severe food allergies and can react to tiny traces of food. It is fine to feed your infant a simple snack such as carrots or a drink from a bottle or sealed cup. Please do not give your child any foods that crumble easily and could put the next patient at risk of an allergic reaction (i.e. Biscuits, sandwiches).
  • You may wish to bring another adult friend or relative to help with your child, especially if you’re bringing several children along to the consultation.
  • Know what the plan is before you leave the office. Will there be another appointment and when? Do you need to do further tests?