Make an Appointment

What happens during a typical appointment?

  • You will be met by an Allergy Nurse Specialist in the waiting room. She works with our medical team and will ask you/your child a few questions in order to determine whether allergy skin testing should be done and if so, what tests to perform.
  • The Nurses all have extensive paediatric experience and will reassure your child.
  • She will also measure your child’s weight and height and will explain to you what the testing involves.
  • The Nurse may perform lung function measurements in older children and adults (the patient is asked to blow into a machine that measures the flow of air and may detect evidence of asthma changes) and will then perform allergy skin testing.
  • If a food allergy is diagnosed, the Nurse will educate and train you how to manage and treat the food allergy.
  • After about 20 minutes, you will be seen by our medical team, who will take a more detailed history, perform an examination and then explain to you the diagnosis and management and discuss any questions that you may have.
  • This is your opportunity to ask as many questions as you wish and any concerns you may have. It may be useful to bring a list of these to the appointment. If food allergies are diagnosed, our medical team may refer you to a Dietician or your child to a Paediatric Dietician.
  • After the consultation, you may be sent for further testing. Chest x-rays and sinus MRI scan are done at the Portland Hospital. Allergy blood testing is usually done at TDL (76 Wimpole Street) and specific allergy profiles have been set up in a partnership with The Doctors Laboratory.
  • It is possible that you may require a further follow-up visit to review progress, discuss blood test results and complete any further skin prick testing that could not be completed at the first visit.