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Multiple allergies

Some children only ever have one allergy to one specific trigger. But increasing numbers of children are suffering from more than one allergy at a time. This can cause a combination of the main allergic diseases. For example, if your child has hay fever, they may also develop asthma triggered by pollen. Children who have an egg allergy are often prone to eczema and are also at an increased risk of peanut allergy. House dust mite allergy can trigger perennial rhinitis, asthma and eczema.


Allergies usually develop in particular stages during childhood, although they often overlap. Eczema is usually diagnosed first in very young babies. This is often followed by food allergies in the first three years of life. This progression of allergic disorders is known as the allergic march. However, if your child has eczema, it doesn’t mean that they will go on to develop the other allergies, but it does increase the chance of this overlapping.